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Robin Hood Athletic have built their own on site changing rooms.  They are located around the Andy Parker Stand on the Western side of the ground.  Below is a pictoral record of the project which took 28 months to complete, much of it done by volunteers. 

August 2009

The foundations are in place.  And there's a pile of bricks.  Not much to look at just yet!

March 2010

After a long and frustrating winter of bad weather and red tape delays, the changing rooms are now in progress again.  The drains and concrete base are now in place.


April 2010

As you can see, the building work is in full flow now!

May 2010
The outer brick work is developing, with the obvious spaces for doors and windows.  The door in view will be for the visiting team.


June 2010

The roof framework is in place, and the external brickwork is being finished off.


July 2010

The roof tiles are now on.
Looking good!

August 2010

The external work is nearing completion.  What will the doors and windows be like?

September 2010

First look at the new tea room!!
And a full frontal view.




December 2010

Not much can be done this weather!

March 2011

 Freshly painted walls and the new Chairman's office perhaps!?

April 2011

The water pipes being laid.
 That's a lot of digging..



May 2011

The interior bits and pieces are being installed now there's a water supply.



July 2011

 The outside is finished.

October 2011

The changing rooms are finally completed!

< Pitch view.
        Home dressing room >

     <  Toilets and showers  >

< Away dressing room
                 Referee's room.  >

< The Office/store room
                       & Tea room >

November 2011

The changing rooms are officially opened!

 < A speech by Club
   Chairman Jim O'Donnell.

       Followed by one     >
       from Club President
       Trevor Hackett.

 < Opening ceremony by
   Leeds City Councillors
   Jack Dunn and Karen

            Group photo    >

 <  The unveiling of the
   Andy Parker Stand by
   his family members.   >

March 2012

   Solar panels are installed 
   on the stand roof,

   and on the rear of the
   changing rooms.










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